Online events, done better. That is what Tevent is all about. To get the ‘social’ interaction of a live event on a digital platform.


Tevent was started end 2019, beginning 2020. They had their prototype working, and got some investors onboard.

The app design and development was going well, but their back-end architecture had to receive some serious upgrades and manpower was missing. Especially with the decision to use Service Fabric, they looked to who could support them. And that is when I joined in.

My part

There was still a lot of work to do. As well as in the business logic, the infrastructure, the general application architecture, and the development pipeline.

So I made their current code base work on Service Fabric, updated the infrastructure, and added a production environment and did the tuning on Service Fabric. I added code libraries so it was more easy to work with Service Fabric, I assisted with implementing with parts of the Business Logic.

I made their IAM solution with Azure B2C work so the back-end and app were correctly configured. I added custom user flows to get Azure B2C create Tevent accounts on creation of new accounts, and made it so the tokens contained the tickets of the users.

I set up the logging in the Service Fabric cluster and the API’s to report all information to Azure AI instances. I added a few custom metrics to the application and made corresponding AI queries for reporting purposes.

When this all was done, things became more stable and we could decide on where to go next. Skilled SF personnel was hard to find, and our original architecture was not as easy scale-able as we hoped. So I helped with the plans and architecture on where to go next.

Related stuff

Random order, tooling used

  • C# .Net Core 5
  • C# .Net Core Api
  • Service Fabric cluster setup and tuning
  • Service Fabric stateful and stateless C# libraries
  • Service Fabric Application deployment automation
  • Azure B2C custom userflows
  • Azure components: Service fabric cluster, VM scalesets, KeyVault, AI, WebApp
  • GIT source control (GitHub)
  • Azure DevOps pipeline