Survival guide


I wanted to create an app that could help people when they get stuck. Like getting lost in the woods, break a leg on a place along a lone road, or just being scared in your home because of lurking evil.

I made the app together with an experienced army officer, who had traversed the ranks from soldier up to the officer rank and thus knew a lot about surviving in hostile situations. He was the ‘survival expert’.

At the time of the project, late 2016 / early 2017, there was no app that could do this well.


A survival tool based on military handbooks. With off-line availability and tools to get help when your phone has no reach.

It contained the basics:

  • Guide for surviving in different climates (warm/cold/sea/city)
  • Tools (compass, light, semaphore light, morse sounds)
  • Offline availability

At the time the product got the basics into our product we abandoned the project.

  • Not all phones are equal so it’s impossible to get a compass and light working reliable on all phones. Our guide depended on these instruments so the experience varied greatly between phones.
  • We got beaten to market by ‘Offline Survival Manual’ by ‘ligi’. That, cleverly, did rely on other apps for the tooling.

My part

I created the the app using the Ionic framework.

I made the app so it had a content management system for the ‘survival expert’ to use to get the content in.

The look and feels were done using the Ionic building blocks. The ‘survival expert’ acted as the UX guy and made sure the app presented the information in a clever way.

Related stuff

Random order, tooling used

  • Ionic
  • Angular 2
  • GIT sourcecontrol