Spiek App


2018/2019, Secondment at NS. I am here on behalf of my employer Luminis. They needed specific senior engineering skills on a development team at NS at the start of 2018, so that’s when I joined the team.

I’m part of a team doing cutting-egde agile software developments (as seen from a perspective of this large, semi-government organisation). We took on a mission to prove business concepts using fast iterations and tight coupling with end-users and the business. This concept, ‘Spiek’, is one of those business concepts.


This is a specialized app for the conductor on the train. The theory to validate is that this app will help them deliver a more pleasurable journey to the travelers on the train. Another thing they wanted to incorporate is personalized content for the NS staff, to reduce information overload.

My part

I took part in the creative process, called ‘design sprint’. For 5 days we discussed with all involved parties the needed functionality. (Business, designers, UX, developers, Conducters).

This creative process included: business interviews, group priority sessions, group design sessions, end-user interviews, group decision sessions.

We wanted to develop the app using Xamarin Forms, so I prepared a scaffolding Xamarin App with an attached Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline, incorporating app UI testing and delivery using Microsoft AppCenter. In one day.
I did prepare a scaffolding process for future POC app development.

I did a large part of the Xamarin code-behind.

Related stuff

Random order, tooling used

  • Xamarin Forms
  • AppCenter Metrics
  • Azure Devops (VSTS)
  • GIT sourcecontrolC# .Net Core / Full
  • Continues Integration, Continues Deploymeny (VSTS Build / Xamarin Build / AppCenter UI testing / Release pipeline)
  • Testing (Unit testing, SpecFlow Xamarin UI tests using AppCenter)
  • SCRUM (Workflow, Stand-up, Refinings, Planning, Retrospectives, continues improvement, team maturity)