Reiniging App


This is a replacement app for the generated IBM Maximo mobile application that had a tight coupling with Maximo but didn’t deliver on the promises.

This app enables the cleanup crew of the night-shifts to know where the trains are located and what to clean.


2019, Secondment at NS on behalf of Luminis. They needed specific senior engineering skills on a development team at NS at the start of 2018, so that’s when I joined the team.

I’m part of a team doing cutting-egde agile, lean and devops software developments (as seen from a perspective of this large, semi-government organisation). We took on a mission to prove business concepts using fast iterations and tight coupling with end-users and the business.

My part

At the moment of the production of this app I was the lead developer and Senior backend developer of this team.

The concept of the app is very simple: list a listing and update an item’s state. However, this had to be done in the organizational architecture through all kinds of interfaces.

So the major issue was to get the agile flow going without being stopped by the project-based dependencies like the IBM ESB.
I suggested a simple but effective simulation environment for the ESB to enable the business to decouple from the slow moving parts of the organization. This was very well received.

And as a lead developer should do, I oversaw the technical requirements, I motivated refactors due to ongoing insights, emphasized maintainability and did build a lot of the back-end coding.

Related stuff

Random order, tooling used

  • Azure: WebJobs / AI / ARM / Monitoring / CosmosDB
  • Xamarin MVVM
  • .Net Core API REST using JSON
  • Azure Devops
  • GIT sourcecontrol
  • C# .Net Core
  • Continues Integration, Continues Deployment (VSTS Build / Xamarin Build / AppCenter UI testing / Release pipeline)
  • Testing (Unit testing, SpecFlow Xamarin UI tests using AppCenter, Postman integration testing, JMeter loadtesting)
  • SCRUM (Workflow, Stand-up, Refinings, Planning, Retrospectives, continues improvement, team maturity)