Media converter


A media converter server needed replacement. This server is a facilitating component of the Magister product suite. The current solution was a on-premise server, Luminis took on the challenge to migrate flawlessly to a less coupled and more resilient and scalable cloud based system.

The replacement needed to be based on the latest technology and integrated with their current workflow. This was achieved using the Azure Media Services and the Azure cloud storage solutions.

azure media services.png

The product must be usable in a cross-platform environment with 700000 daily users. And be reliable and secure due to heavy regulations (Dutch Education).


2018, project by Luminis. SchoolMaster approached us and asked if we could do a replacement of their media converter server (Elementals). This was a specific inquiry because they have good experiences with my and my colleague’s earlier works on their Magister product suite.

My part

Together with another senior engineer we contacted the customer and build this system conform specifications.
I did most of the program architecture and coding. The other engineer was more in the customer contact, process architecture and quality control.

The key in developing this application was to use as much native Azure components and process flow as possible. So we coupled everything with triggers (Functions) and queue’s (Cloud storage).

And of course all this was build using high quality architecture, security, testing and continues integration.

Related stuff

Random order, tooling used

  • Azure Media Services
  • SAS tokens
  • Functions (.Net Full)
  • Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  • Continues Integration (gated checkins, OTAP pipeline)
  • .Net Core WebAPI