Erik’s background

I’m Erik de Roos, Professional Software Engineer since 2010. Started programming in 2000 using QBASIC on my dad’s 386sx with DOS.

I am a full-stack software engineer. I have eye for every part of the software development process: requirement analysis, architecture, tooling (CI/CD), building, UX, testing, hosting, debugging/support. And for all the humans involved in the process, I keep an eye out for their well-being.

My speciality is my thorough knowledge on programming. Relational databases, windows programming (threading, locking, performance counters) and the design of server API’s.

Current area of expertise: Business software, API’s,  agile software development (SCRUM), C# .Net, Cloud (Azure), CI/CD, game development.

Personal characteristics:

  • leads the way
  • tackles challenges
  • exploratory issue solving
  • strongly in overview and broad lines
  • dissects situations and separates content from politics / opinion
  • user/people centered

Projects I’m interested in: software development

Looking for: software development in a team context, connection with current knowledge and experience, challenging in terms of content (by depth, not by quantity).

Mother tongue Dutch. Has English speaking, reading and writing capabilities to function well in software engineering teams.